The silent majority says YES press release

The silent majority says YES


Since Sunday, July, 26th, 5 pm, a non-stop-manifestation for more human refugee policies takes place in front of the state opera. By means of readings, performances, and discussions the organizers want to show that the majority of people in Austria encounter people in need with empathy, understanding, and helpfulness.


The manifestation protests against the infamous way in which political capital is made out of the situation of desperate people, and demands to end immediately the intolerable conditions in Traiskirchen and to accommodate all refugees in Austria in a humane way.


“The minister for interior affairs, the federal chancellor, the president want to govern 8 million people, but for weeks now, they have not been able to accommodate 4000 people seeking protection and to provide for them in an adequate way. I am ashamed for this government which, obviously, pursues the deliberate aim to contribute to racist escalation. Luckily, in many parts of the country, the population has taken over the task to provide for the essential needs of refugees. But, in actual fact, this is the task of the state and should be fulfilled by it”, says Bernhard Dechant, actor and one of the organizers of the non-stop-manifestation.


According to the motto “The silent majority says YES!”, artists, refugees, and representatives of civil society present texts and ideas contributing to the development of pragmatic and solidary refugee policies.


The musician Eva Jantschitsch (aka Gustav), EsRaP and Sakina, the puppet player and director Nikolaus Habjan, the actors and actresses Haymon Maria Buttinger, Bernhard Dechant, Claudia Kottal, Pippa Galli and Natalie Ananda Assman, the directors Nina C.Gabriel, Asli Kislal, Tina Leisch and Markus Kupferblum, the authors Bernhard Studlar, Eva Schörkhuber, and Alma Hadzibeganovic and many, many more provide an enthralling program around the clock.


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